View Full Version : Summer vacation 2012

04-08-2012, 00:56
How do you think what is the best place to spend summer vacation: Crimea or Krasnodar Krai? I have never been to Crimea but it seems like it is far away... Krasnodar Krai doesn't seem attractive any more after recent disaster, high prices, crime rates, low service... But it is not far away.

04-08-2012, 13:10
As for me,Crimea is too dry and it is no subtropic.The sea is colder than in Sochi.It's difficult to compare where is cheaper.

The prices are high everywhere in postsoviet resorts,but infrastructure and services still poor enough,close to Soviet style or worse.

The subtropical climate begins from Magry settlement wich is located in greater Sochi area.

The recent disaster happened in different area of Krasnodar region,about one hundred miles away.

Yes,the nature in this region is unpredictable and unruly,I reckon this is tempting and attractive.